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escort sur rennes tirlemont

J-3F-65 Cub impressed by usaaf from civilian user 43-2926 Piper L-4F Grasshopper MSN 5-1141. 2209 (8th FG, 80th FS) crashed on takeoff at Kila Aerodrome, New Guinea May 2, 1943. 3140 (MSN G-132) to N50028, current. 43-2889 Taylorcraft L-2F Grasshopper Originally designated UC-95 - Model DF-65 impressed from civilian user. To Foreign Liquidation Commission December 11, 1945; registered I-dlab May 1958; originally owned by Alifoto company at Turin/Aeritalia airport. 43-2908 Taylorcraft L-2F Grasshopper Originally designated UC-95 - Model DF-65 impressed from civilian user. ; 25 Division Artillery, Nara, Japan; damaged due weather landing 2 miles W of Sonobe, Japan 14Feb47 1312 (MSN 10173) to RFC Dec 6, (MSN 10174) delivered to usaaf at Lock Haven, PA; transferred to US Army Ground Forces; 50th Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron;.

1191 (MSN 10052) sold Aug 26, (MSN 10053) shipped to Netherlands West Indies AF as P-2 via Newark,. Aug 13, 1954 - Canadian Western Specialities, Langley,. 3770 to neiaf as N5-205, later to raaf as A47-18. 43-2893 Taylorcraft L-2F Grasshopper originally designated UC-95 - Model DF-65 impressed from civilian user. 2323 crashed S of Olympia AAB Sep 9, 1943. Used for flying qualities, stability and control, and performance evaluations 4329 Lend-Lease to China. To 11th Air Force, Alaska May 1, 1943; flown to Alaska May 29, 1943; damaged in a takeoff accident Little Evies Lake, Yukon October 16, 1943; To Reconstruction Finance Corporation; registered N64411, cancelled. Pilot survived Parts of aircraft salvaged, then the remainder destroyed. To uff, Miami,.

3137 (MSN G-129) to N48683, later re-registered as N88683, current. Redesignated ZL-4K Aug 26, 1947. To civil registry as CF-TDL (TCA *59* may 21, 1945, later *359* - Gulf Aviation Ltd nov 26, 1948 - Rimouski Airlines, changed to Quebecair aug 14, 1953). 43-2860 Taylorcraft L-2C Grasshopper Model DC-65 impressed from civilian user. 3960 (341st BG, 11th BS) pilot could not find the base at night, ran out of fuel, abandoned and crashed near Kweilin, China Jul 11, 1944. 2153 (82nd FG, 96th FS, 12th AF) collided in midair with Bf 109G-6 near Ischia Island, Italy Sep 2, 1943. Registered Dec 19, 2006 to private user as VH-FIV. Crashed at Rajagiri, India Oct 19, (10th PRG, "Bit of Lace crashed Mar 10, 1945 shortly after refueling at Myitkyin on the way to Chengtu, China. By Dec 1943, 68th Squadron 1st Operational Training Unit, Rosencrans Field, MO - USA only - To RFC Jun 21, 1945. 19 (Braniff NC34970, not del.) to usaaf Nov 13, 1942 - Panama Oct 12, 1943 - USA Feb 28, 1944 - To RFC Mar 5, 1945 - To civil registry as NC20750 (Delta Air Lines, lsd 1945.

On Jun 3, 1959 the plane was sold to Oakland Airmotive. 3482 to RAF as FW197. Damaged by brake failure at a repair depot 6/1/1944. Sold on civil market Jan 23, 1945. Hit trees in apparent dead-stick landing attempt. 3433 converted to F-10 3434 converted to F-10 3434 converted to F-10 3437 converted to F-10 3438 converted to F-10 3439 converted to F-10 3440 converted to F-10 3444 converted to F-10 3446 converted to F-10 3459 to RAF as FW193.

Then N43M and N189UM (University of Minnesota 1967 - Various Owners/operators). 4530 to USN as PBJ-1H to RB-25H. Jun 1977, lsd to Santa Lucia Airways until sold to Aero Virgin Islands Corp, St Thomas,. Survivors redesignated A-10 in 1948. 3017 (MSN G-9) to N46318. 43-2809/2858 Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper 43-2859 Taylorcraft L-2E Grasshopper Model DF-65 impressed from civilian user. The plane was trucked there disassembled and restored for static display. In January 19igned to Lend-Lease program for the RAF as 'KL148'. 561 (MSN 9422) registered N2472C, cancelled 10Sep12; substantially damaged at Ypsilanti, MI 22Nov74, engine failure caused a stall and loss of control 562 (MSN 9423) to Army Ground Forces Mar 31, (MSN 9424) to Army Ground Forces Mar 31, (MSN 9425) to Civil Air Patrol.

Other sources say this is (1st FG, 71st FS) landed at San Luis, Minorca, Spain Aug 15, 1943 and pilot and plane interned. 2087 crashed on landing at Warton Nov 26, 1942. 43-2895/2897 Taylorcraft L-2H Grasshopper Model BC-12-65 impressed from civilian users. Pilot survived, but aircraft was destroyed. Converted to J3C-65 3084 (MSN G-76) to N48311, current. 43-2359/2558 Lockheed P-38G-15-LO Lightning MSN 322-3468/3667.


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43-2885/2886 Taylorcraft L-2H Grasshopper Model BC-12-65 impressed from civilian users. To reclamation at Tinker AF, OK May 8, (MSN 10159) transferred to Army Ground Forces Mar 22, (MSN 10160) to storage as ZL-4B at Little Rock, AK Aug 29, (MSN 10161) transferred to Army Ground Forces Mar 22, (MSN 10162) to CL-26 at Salanis. Training glider version of L-4 Grasshopper. Collided with Mitchell FW201 (ex 43-3467) and crashed near Melsbroek, Belgium Nov 11, to RAF as Mitchell II FW229. 1405 (MSN 10266) 9th Air Force, Europe; 377th Fighter Squadron, 362nd Fighter Group, Rennes A-27, France; crashed and destroyed taking off at Chance, near Rennes 13Aug44; condemned Aug 31, 19o44 1406 (MSM 10267) 9th Air Force, Europe; 153rd Liaison Squadron, 67th Reconnaissance Group, Membury, Wilts;.

19 (Delta Air Lines NC30045, not del.) to usaaf Dec 31, 1942 - Caribbean Wing ATC jun 11, 1944 - USA Aug 19, 1944. 3518/3520 Lend-Lease to ussr 3539 to RAF as FW219. 43-2559/2808 Interstate L-6 Grasshopper 2560 at Fort Rucker, AL 2615/2619 Lend-Lease to Mexico 2626/2630 Lend-Lease to Mexico 2635 (MSN 78) is registered N48616. 3041 (MSN G-33) believed sold to Southeastern Air Services, Atlanta,. Pilot bailed out and became POW 2514 (82nd FG, 96th FS) crashed into sea 30 mi S of Capri Island, Italy Aug 19, 1943. 43-3280/3619 North American B-25D-30 Mitchell MSN / to RAF as Mitchell II FW172. 2934 MSN MSN Piper L-4G Grasshopper MSN 5-1331. In September 1952 the cannon nose was replaced by a standard B-25J 8-gun nose, and a couple months later low drag wingtips were installed. Thomas, Ontario, to Detroit City Airport, MI, by Glenn Lamont, October 24; 1987 sold to Yankee Air Force, now "yankee warrior" Registered N3774, current.

Dove into ground at Podington, England Jan 19, 1943. J-5A Cub impressed by usaaf from civilian user 43-2985/2988 Piper L-4G Grasshopper J-5B Cubs impressed by usaaf from civilian users 2985 MSN MSN MSN MSN /2990 Piper L-4E Grasshopper J-4E Cubs impressed by usaaf from civilian users 2989 MSN MSN 4-1640. By 1952 it was assigned to the 3425th Instruction Squadron, 3415th Technical Training Group at Lowry AFB. 3099 (MSN G-91) to NC49586, Registration revoked. On display inside New England Air Museum with registration N165LG displayed. Crashed during ferry flight Oct 8, to RAF as Mitchell II FW178. No record of arrival in UK or use.

Sold to Sabena (Congo) Jan 14, 1946 as OO-CBA. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 and stored. 43-2185/2358 Lockheed P-38G-13-LO Lightning MSN 322-3294/3467. It was then transferred on Jul 17, 1952 to Rausch Aviation of Teterboro,. To civil registry as NC12927 (Chicago and Southern *33* Apr 27, 1945 - Delta May 01, 1953 to 1954 N82B, N20S, N28C (converted to DC-3A C-ggca (Capital Air Surveys Ltd, Killaloe, ONT May 29, 1975 - Northway Air Surveys, Jul 1975) and N9025R (Waggoner Aircraft. It carried the tail code '634 9C' and was named "Ellen. 2284 (49th FG, 9th FS) crashed on takeoff due to mechanical failure at Dobodura, New Guinea May 13, (35th FG, 39th FS) crashed into sea off Schwimmer Field, New Guinea May 10, 1943.

396 to RFC Sep 4, to Army Ground Forces May 12, to RFC Sep 4, to Army Ground Forces May 12, to Army Ground Forces May 12, to Army Ground Forces May 12, to RFC Sep 4, to RFC at Reno AB, NV Oct. On Aug 12, 1955 it was registered as N37L to Le Franc Corporation of San Francisco,. 3793 to RAF as Mitchell II HD322 - retained in Canada. 1950 stored until June 1953; Jun 1953 to Flying Instructors School at rcaf Trenton, Ontario; 1954 stored until 1956; on March 16, 1955, 1956 used for training; Jan 1961 transferred January 4, from rcaf Trenton 129AAF to Dunnville, Ontario; Jun 1962 sold June 10,. DBR when undercarriage collapsed on landing at Oldenburg, Germany Apr 17, 1945.

2998 MSN /3002 Piper L-4F Grasshopper J-5A Cubs impressed by usaaf from civilian users 2999 MSN MSN MSN MSN /3008 Piper L-4E Grasshopper J-4E Cubs impressed by usaaf from civilian users 3003 MSN MSN MSN 4-1637. 43-2933 Piper L-4F Grasshopper MSN 5-1272. 43-2894 Taylorcraft L-2K Grasshopper Model BF-12-65 impressed from civilian user. Crashed on landing at Cutella Feb 25, 1944, and SOC Feb 29, (MSN 9613) to Britain Dec 9, (MSN 9614) condemned Oct 21, 1944. Crashed Washington National Aiprort Apr 28, 1945 32To Allegheny Ludlum Steel as NC42013/N42013.

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Crashed 12/26/1944 on takeoff from Hughes Strip. Displayed as escort sur rennes tirlemont 34030 44-39340. SOC Jun 5, to RAF as Mitchell II HD306. 892nd School Squadron, Stuttgart, AR; damaged when nosed under taxying at Stuttgart 14Dec42; 5th Infantry Division; 43rd Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron Nov44; 2977 MSN Piper L-4F Grasshopper MSN 5-1282. 4645 SOC at Searcy Field, Stillwater,. Registered N194L, current Nov 2016. 3039 (MSN G-31) to N46471. Damaged at Norfolk, NB 11May66 when the aircraft landed with wheels retracted; damaged at Coeur d'Alene Airport, ID 7Jun78 when the engines locked up on final approach; abandoned and vandalized; recovered Spring 1984 to Spokane, WA; donated to Museum of Flight May87; registered to Museum. Registered as N (MSN 9533) condemned Oct 31, (MSN 9534) to French Army May 7, 1944 as (MSN 9535) condemned Oct 31, (MSN 9536) 9th Air Force, Europe; 43rd Troop Carrier Squadron, 316th Troop Carrier Group, Spanhoe; crashed at Debdill, Collyweston 8Apr44; condemned to salvage. 5106 (MSN 97) Delivered to rcaf as 497 January 15, 1943;.


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Travesti gironde limoges To RFC Jan 5, to RFC Aug 15, to DPC at Heasley Flying Service, Rosemead APT, CA Nov 23, to RFC at Hybla Apt, VA Aug 20, to RFC Jan 19, to RFC Jan 21, sold to Defense Corp Dec 19, surveyed at Bowman Jun. Macr to RAF as Mitchell II FW251 - retained in Canada 3687 to RAF as Mitchell II FW252.
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escort sur rennes tirlemont 3152 (MSN G-144) to N51039, current. 4307 assigned to naca Ames Aeronautical Laboratory, NAS Moffett Field, CA Jul 4, 1945 to Jan 1951.

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To reclamation at Tinker AF, OK May 18, 1948. DBF 1970, derelict Opa Locka,. To RFC Mar 31, 1945. To civil registry as NC15570 (Eastern Air Lines *383 lsd until bought Aug 31, 1949 - Glenn L Martin. J-5A Cub impressed by usaaf from civilian user 43-2934/2935 Piper L-4F Grasshopper J-5A Cubs impressed by usaaf from civilian users. 4279/4286 Lend-Lease to China 4289 Lend-Lease to China 4291 Lend-Lease to China 4292 Lend-Lease to China 4294/4301 Lend-Lease to China 4305 lost Niihau Island, HI Jul 23, 1945. Escort sur rennes tirlemont

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